Strata law

Do you have a dispute concerning unauthorised work? Repair and maintenance of the common property? Loss of rent, nuisance, breach of by-laws, unreasonable refusal to make by-laws, dysfunctional owners corporations, etc. We can assist you with this.

Some examples of the work we do:

By-law disputes

Appointment of compulsory strata manager

Loss of rent claims, eg. due to water penetration or mould

Resolve issues regarding unauthorised work

Resolve issues with Building Management Committees

Resolve disputes with strata managers and building managers

Advice regarding compliance - meeting proceedings, strata levies, making by-laws, conflicts of interest, etc.

Legal representation - NCAT, Local Court, District Court & Supreme Court

Contracts for upgrade and remedial work

Nuisance claims in relation to noise, smoke, animals, etc.