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Strata Law

We assist all stake holders - home owners, developers and owners corporations

Do you have a dispute concerning unauthorised work? Repair and maintenance of the common property? Loss of rent, nuisance, breach of by-laws, unreasonable refusal to make by-laws, dysfunctional owners corporations, etc. We can assist you with this. 

Strata law is unique, it is developing fast and constantly changing. The result is that strata disputes may become very complicated. Often  the complexity of the dispute outweighs the significance of the issues. Williamson Lawyers works with strata managers and represents lot owners. We know how both sides see the issues. There is often a sensible solution, we will help you find that solution.

Strata Law is complex. We can assist.

We are a specialist law firm that provides legal advice and services to the strata community. We have the experience to provide you with the best advice. We are experts in the field of strata law and can provide you with the guidance you need to protect your interests.

Some examples of the work we do:

We are here to help!

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